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Outlaw Volleyball
SPIKE OR DIE is the battle cry in this volleyball free-for-all. Choose your team, choose your court, choose your bikini and then serve up the attitude. Scantily-clad babes and seriously twisted dudes bring their famous "Outlaw" vibe onto the court as they bump, set, spike, AND throw punches on their way to total victory. Outlaw Volleyball provides fast, furious and uncouth action via Xbox Live so anyone and everyone can experience the outrageous humour and fantastic gameplay for which the Outlaw gang is known.

- Supports Xbox Live!™—Multiplayer action up to 4 players online or on the same couch

- 16 half-naked characters with differing talents and playing styles

- 10 offbeat courts including jailhouse, jungle, sewer, and of course, a beach

- Powerful volleyball engine! Set, jump, spike with the best of them

- Gain MOMENTUM for Turbo Moves by literally beating up your opponents

- Build your character's skills with unique mini-games and drills

- Swap for better players, but WATCH OUT—jilted players can get revenge

- Jam to the rockin' soundtrack or rip your own (Xbox(R) version only)
Xbox: Out now
PlayStation2: Coming soon
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