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As the days grew shorter and colder, the nights longer and darker, home seemed to be no more than a distant memory for our brave warrior.

He finally approached his destination of Grannach when a band of armoured riders pounded through the crowd of corpses. Their dark shapes were rushing towards him, but our warrior could not tear his eyes away from the reflecting vulture symbol on one of the riders armour.

As the riders passed, our hero could barely make out his village through the dust - but as the dust lifted, there remained only burning cinders and carnage of his native home…

Take control of the sword of the greatest hero to roam the lands of Hyboria - Conan. Having seen your native village of Grannach burnt to the ground you now begin your quest for revenge.

You will fight your way across the Black Mountains and rivers in search of the cult who brought death to your home. You will have to master various swords, axes and the mace in order to complete this perilous journey.

As the story unfolds you will find yourself face to face with strange mystical creatures that test your fighting skills to the death.

Discover the entrances to temples and caves along the way, where you will scale walls, leap obstacles, solve puzzles and retrieve the pieces of the Atlantean Sword in order to help you in achieving your destiny of defeating The Vulture Cult.

Single player:

- Solve endless puzzles and explore 5 vast and detailed regions of Hyboria such as the Black Mountains of Cimmeria to the jungles of Dafar!

- Encounter over 10 smooth-moving, highly detailed end of level bosses who will test your skills of a variety of swords, axes and maces!

- Master 16 weapons and a wide variety of attacks and combos that you will need to fulfil your quest!

- Find your way through endless secret places like temples, catacombs and caves!

- Follow your quest and find all lost parts of the legendary Atlantean Sword to combine them into the ultimate weapon!

- Enjoy the Hollywood style pre-edited camera angles and perspectives for every area of the game and realistic in-engine cut-scenes!

- Be Conan and live in the deep, exciting storyline created in the spirit of the original R.E.Howard's stories!


- Challenge your friends eye to eye in the one-on-one arena battle mode!

- Take on 3 battle modes: Death Match, Body Count and Time Challenge!

- Fight in 11 awesome arenas!


- Step into the arena on Xbox live and PC!
Xbox: April 2004
PlayStation 2: April 2004
PC-CD ROM: April 2004
Nintendo Gamecube: April 2004
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